Homepage of the International Conference Series on the Quality of Software Architectures (QoSA)

QoSA + ISARCS Program

Tuesday, June 21

Session 1. QoSA: Long living Software Architectures

Chair: Heinz Schmidt (RMIT University, Australia)

10:30Heiko Koziolek. Sustainability Evaluation of Software Architectures: A Systematic Review
Amogh Kavimandan, Aniruddha Gokhale, Gabor Karsai and Jeff Gray. Managing the Quality of Software Product Line Architectures through Reusable Model Transformations
Markus Von Detten and Steffen Becker. Combining Clustering and Pattern Detection for the Reengineering of Component-based Software Systems


Session 2. QoSA: Performance Evaluation

Chair: Barbora Bühnová (Masaryk University)

Anne Koziolek, Heiko Koziolek and Ralf Reussner. PerOpteryx: Automated Application of Tactics in Multi-Objective Software Architecture Optimization
Benjamin Klatt, Christoph Rathfelder and Samuel Kounev. Integration of Event-Based Communication in the Palladio Software Quality Prediction Framework
Michael Hauck, Michael Kuperberg, Nikolaus Huber and Ralf Reussner. Ginpex: Deriving Performance-relevant Infrastructure Properties Through Goal-oriented Experiments
Greg Franks, Danny Lau and Curtis Hrischuk. Performance Measurements and Modeling of a Java-based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Application Server


Session 3. QoSA: Architecture Evaluation

Chair: Greg Franks (Carleton University, Canada)

Franz Brosch, Barbora Buhnova, Heiko Koziolek and Ralf Reussner. Reliability Prediction for Fault-Tolerant Software Architectures
Indika Meedeniya, Irene Moser, Aldeida Aleti and Lars Grunske. Software Architecture Evaluation under Uncertainty
Ian Peake and Heinz Schmidt. Systematic Simplicity-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Parameterised Contract Models


Thursday, June 23

Session 4. ISARCS: Software Architecture and Safety

Chair Lars Grunske (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)


Martin Hillenbrand, Matthias Heinz and Klaus D. Müller-Glaser. A Metric-Based Safety Workflow for Electric/Electronic Architectures of Vehicles


Kai Höfig and Dominik Domis. Failure-Dependent Execution Time Analysis


Session 5. ISARCS: Software Architecture and Security

Chair Bran Selic (Carleton University, Canada)


Omar El Ariss and Dianxiang Xu. Modeling Security Attacks with Statecharts


Muhammad Khan and Mohammad Zulkernine. Building Components with Embedded Security Monitors


Gabriele Costa and Ilaria Matteucci. Elective Temporal Logic


Session 6. QoSA: Short Papers

Chair: Heiko Koziolek (ABB Corporate Research, Germany)

13:30Matthias Galster and Paris Avgeriou. Designing Empirically-grounded Reference Architectures
Ricardo De Oliveira Cavalcanti, Eduardo Santana De Almeida and Silvio R. L. Meira. Extending the RiPLE-DE Process with Quality Attribute Variability Realization
Diego Pérez, Raffaela Mirandola and Jose Merseguer.  Enhancing a QoS-based Self-adaptive Framework with Energy Management Capabilities
Diego Pérez, Raffaela Mirandola and Jose Merseguer. Software Architecture Adaptability Metrics for QoS-based self-adaptation
Iman Yusuf, Heinz Schmidt and Ian Peake.  Architecture-Based Fault Tolerance Support for Grid Applications