Homepage of the International Conference Series on the Quality of Software Architectures (QoSA)


17 exciting papers have been accepted for QoSA'13 and are listed below. Have a look at the CompArch website for the overall program.

QoSA 1: The System View

June 18, 11:00 - 12:30

  • Borjan Tchakaloff, Sébastien Saudrais and Jean-Philippe Babau. ORQA: Modeling Energy and Quality of Service within AUTOSAR Models
  • John Klein and Hans van Vliet. A Systematic Review of System-of-Systems Architecture Research
  • Qinghua Lu, Liming Zhu, Len Bass, Xiwei Xu, Zhanwen Li and Hiroshi Wada. API Issues: an Empirical Study and Impact

QoSA 2: Adaptive Systems

June 18, 14:00 - 15:30

  • Eric Yuan, Sam Malek, Bradley Schmerl, David Garlan and Jeff Gennari. Architecture-Based Self-Protecting Software Systems
  • Matthias Becker, Markus Luckey and Steffen Becker. Performance Analysis of Self-Adaptive Systems for Requirements Validation at Design-Time
  • Terry Zhou, Ian Peake and Heinz Schmidt. Towards Cost-aware Service Recovery

QoSA 3: Quality Analysis

June 18, 16:00 - 17:30

  • Balwinder Sodhi, Ashish Agrawal and Prabhakar Tadinada. A Multi-dimensional Measure for Intrusion – the Intrusiveness Quality Attribute
  • Catia Trubiani, Indika Meedeniya, Vittorio Cortellessa, Aldeida Aleti and Lars Grunske. Model-based Performance Analysis of Software Architectures under Uncertainty
  • Luca Berardinelli, Philip Langer and Tanja Mayerhofer. Combining fUML and Profiles for Non-Functional Analysis Based on Model Execution Traces

QoSA 4: Models, Patterns, and Viewpoints

June 19, 16:00 - 17:30

  • Bedir Tekinerdogan and Elif Demirli. Evaluation Framework for Software Architecture Viewpoint Languages
  • Yanja Dajsuren, Mark Van Den Brand, Alexander Serebrenik and Serguei Roubtsov. Simulink Models are Also Software: Modularity Assessment
  • Zoya Durdik and Ralf Reussner. On the Appropriate Rationale for Using Design Patterns and Pattern Documentation

QoSA 5: Reverse Engineering

June 20, 11:00 - 12:30

  • Benjamin Klatt and Martin Küster. Improving Product Copy Consolidation by Component-Architecture-Based Difference and Variation Point Analysis
  • Miao Du, Jean-Guy Schneider, Cameron Hine, John Grundy and Steve Versteeg. Automatic generation of executable server models from message traces
  • Yuanfang Cai, Hanfei Wang, Sunny Wong, Linzhang Wang and Lu Xiao. Leveraging Design Rules to Improve Software Architecture Recovery

QoSA 6: Evolution

June 20, 14:00 - 15:30

  • Alexandre Feugas, Sebastien Mosser and Laurence Duchien. A Causal Model to predict the Effect of Business Process Evolution on Quality of Service
  • Klaus Schmid. A Formal Approach to Technical Debt Decision Making
  • Zoya Durdik, Marco Konersmann, Ralf Reussner and Michael Goedicke. Towards Architecture-Centric Evolution of Long-Living Systems (The ADVERT Approach)